Who we are and what we do

Views of Scotland is an association of people from all over Scotland and elsewhere, with this common belief:

That the case for wind power is seriously flawed from a scientific, economic and political perspective. Construction of wind power stations is causing unjustifiable and irreversible damage to some of Scotland’s greatest assets, which include:

landscape heritage and wilderness areas ecosystems including wildlife habitats archaeological heritage

What we do

gather and analyse available data on the scientific, economic, political, health and safety and aesthetic aspects of wind energy developments keep up-to-date with developments and news in these areas produce specialist subject reports on technical aspects provide an information resource and central point of contact for campaign groups
give evidence to local and national government enquiries lobby politicians liaise with and provide information to national environmental and related interest groups hold annual conferences produce newsletters and briefing notes for members respond to requests for information from the public handle media relations, provide press comment and releases keep in touch with with national and international wind action groups